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Finland: Liste der Öffentlich zugänglichen Museen, Austellungsorte u. Privatsammlungen

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Mekaanisen Musiikin Museo

Directeur : Liisa et Jürgen Kempf

These last two sites tell in English :

"Charming, simplified, functional style stone house surrounded by a beautiful park area.

The ’museum’ is unique in Finland.

Inside it are some of the most interesting and funniest instruments such as automatic pianos, amazing mechanical music boxes, a whining player violin, very many gramophones, the 75-man Popper Goliath — the world’s largest orchestrion — etc.

All of these are presented in a humorous way during one hour tour which flies by very quickly."

Pelimannikatu 8, 78850 Varkaus, Suomi-Finnland,
Tel. : (00358) 72/162611 (00358) 72/162611

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