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charial_s picture The notation of cylinders, paper rolls or books for mechanical music instruments requires a good knowledge of music, and special tools. Pierre Charial is one of the best French professional "noteurs". He transcribes from scores to books for portable organs every kind of music: classical, popular, jazz, contemporary. He performs too in concerts, alone or with other musicians. He works currently in Paris (France)

Pierre Charial, "noteur"
Photo Ph. Cibille

Many fan of mechanical music transcribe and punch their own paper rolls or books of music, with tools which may be very simple (sometimes only a cutter!)

packy_s picture Music arrangements for mechanical music instruments are art works, protected by the laws on copyright. Do not copy a roll or a book without being sure it is copyright free!

Packy, amateur mechanical organ player, punches a book of music
Photo d. r.

If you want to know how is made a perforated piano roll, read the text by Robbie Rhodes in the Australian web pages of Michael Waters:

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