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Association des Amis des Instruments et de la musique mécanique (AAIMM) (France).


accordeo pictureAutomata

gavioli_chartres pictureBarrel Organ

Barrel Pianos, Pianos mécaniques, Walzengesteuerte Pianos
- Belles pages sur l'histoire d'un fabricant français de Nice.
- Wonderful pages about the story of a French maker of barrel Pianos, in Nice.
- Schöne Seiten über die Geschichte eines Französischen Herstellers von walzengesteuerten Klavieren, in Nizza.

davrainville pictureBird organs

carillon pictureCarillon

vielle pictureHurdy-gurdy

moritat pictureMoritat

Dance Organ

gasparini_chartres pictureFair Organ

Favre, Antoine
hubert pictureFestivals in France
Organ grinder festivals in France: a description
montredroz pictureMusical watch
Musical watch L'Épée
limonaire_lesgets pictureLimonaire
Limonaire organ 68 keys
marotte pictureMarotte

Musical clock

polyphon pictureMusic box


charial pictureNotation

Organ : Aeolian philharmonic organ
orgphilgets1 pictureIt is a large organ, similar to a church organ, but rather dedicated to serious or light classical music.
It is often called "residence organ", as it was frequently set up in large private houses, at the beginning of the XXth century.
It can be played manually, or thanks to a mechanism using perforated paper rolls.

orgphilgets2 picture---> The philharmonic organ in Les Gets, in the French Alps, is a beautiful example of such an organ. It has been declared an historical national treasure.
You may read a good article about its historical background and its technical features in the issues 31 et 32 (3e et 4e trim. 1999) of the Journal "MMV", published by the French collector's association AAIMM.
This article is reproduced, with the agreement of the AAIMM, on the web site of the mechanical music museum in Les Gets :


thibouville pictureReed organs

Singing bird

Street Organ

vaucanson pictureVaucanson

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